Dredging & Navigation

Dredging is a critical aspect of many coastal and waterfront development projects. AquaTerra has extensive experience in current dredging technology and practices. AquaTerra has worked with government agencies, municipalities and private entities on various dredging projects throughout the US, Caribbean and the Middle East.

Typical Marine Engineering Services Include:

  • Dredging Feasibility and Cost Studies

  • Maintenance Dredging Evaluations and Support

  • Development and Permitting of Confined Disposal Facilities

  • Identification, Evaluation, Design, and Permitting of Upland and

  • Offshore Dredge Disposal Sites

  • Reclamation

  • Navigation and Vessel Clearance Investigations

  • State, Federal, and International Permitting

  • Determination of Beneficial Uses for Dredged Materials

Coastal and Waterfront Planning, Engineering & Design